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The INmission Project

INmission: What is INmission?
MISSIONARY SIGNUP: online signup for current missionaries!
MEMBER SIGNUP: online signup to write a missionary!
SEND: us your feedback!

LDS WebLinks

R.M. Stories: Returned Missionaries tell their stories!
Mission Addresses and Links: Find out where your friends are!
The Official Church Website: The latest info, and conferences online!
MissionWeb: A really awesome site for missionaries in the field and their families!
John Bytheway: Visit John's world on this cool site!
All about Mormons: Visit this website for more info on the Church!
WOW Home Page: Mailing list for inspirational quotes
LDS Library of Resources: This is a great site for all things Mormon!
LDS Internet Resources: The Bengali Project's addition to the net!
Missionary Mail: Free Email while you're on your mission!
New Jerusalem: Stump the Missionaries, and more!
Search: Deseret's Best Websites
Pop: Some bubble wrap!
Air's Dares: Words to live by!

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Dedicated to LDS Missionaries in the field.

Welcome to the INmission Project Homepage!
To date, we have helped hundreds of Missionaries find friends to support them on their missions!
To get involved, simply fill out one of our handy online forms!

We are still experiencing a delay in match-up times.
Don't worry! If you have sent us
your name and address, we are trying to find you a good match! So, hang in there and we'll soon
have you matched up!! Thanks for your patience!

Last Updated: November 16, 1999

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